MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone, Digital FM Transmitter

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Accessories for HTC Incredible have become Available on The Verizon Wireless site. One that is said to compatible with Droid Phoneis MOTOROKR™ T505 Bluetooth® In-Car Speakerphone & Digital FM Transmitter.
Clip, tune & go. Hooks to the visor and can be taken from car to car.
Wirelessly link your music to your car stereo from a compatible Bluetooth stereo enabled phone or music device.
* No installation required. Vehicle Charger included to keep you on the go.
* StationFinder™ finds and announces the best FM station for clear audio & minimal static.
* Use internal speaker or listen through your car stereo.

Lets face it we all know driving and talking or texting is dangerous. Whether you get a device kike this or another get something. Since Cell Phones and driving statistics are a new phenomenon we are just learning how many people die every year by being distracted. Some reports are saying 100k vehicle accidents a year are caused by driver using mobile devices.

This item can be purchased direct from Verizon and Motorola or our friends at Amazon or eBay.