Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station

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Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking StationSince the Droid Phone was released we have heard lots about the phone, but not the accessories for the Best New Smartphone. After all cell phone accessories make our phones fun.

The one Droid Accessory that makes the Droid Phone more useful at home is the Docking Station. The holder continues the smartphone functions into home and travel life.  Incredibly sleek in form and style.
The Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking and Charging Station turns the device into a charger, Home Entertainment system, Alarm Clock, a cradle for tethering the Droid to a computer and much more.
The Docking Station for the Droid A855 and Droid 2 is a must have accessory. Users can use the cradle for connection to a TV or Stereo system along with the Alarm Clock function.  Watch FoodTV or open a  cooking app while preparing dinner or baking cupcakes as the dock go's where you go. The Docking Station app has also undergone new styling and the weather is displayed with better access in clock mode.