HTC Dream Android Phone

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Interact with the world in a whole new way on Canadas first smartphone with Googles Android operating system. The HTC Dream phones large 3.2 high resolution touch screen and slide out QWERTY keyboard provide one-touch access to Google Search™, and fully integrated Gmail™, Maps™ and Latitude™ experiences.
Features of the HTC DreamPhone:

Touch Screen
T-Mobile G1™ lets you touch, tap, swipe and scroll your way through all the coolest applications, your contacts, the Web and more. That means instant access to your information with a touch of the finger.

QWERTY Keyboard, Together with the trackball and touch screen, the QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to get around the Web, type e-mail and respond to texts. Just flip the phone horizontally, slide open the keyboard and you're ready to go.

One-Touch Google Search, The quickest way to get results. We've put the Google search bar just one touch away so you're never far from an answer when you have a question. You can even search within your applications using the related search function. Listening to music? Search your music files.

Real Web Browsing, The T-Mobile G1™ was built to browse the Web. Using the touch screen, QWERTY keyboard and trackball you can access your favorite pages and browse like you were sitting at your computer.

Easy Access to Google Apps, Gmail™, GoogleTalk, Google Calendar, YouTube™, and even Google Maps are all easy to access and move between on the T-Mobile G1™.
One-touch access to:

*Google Maps (My Location, satellite, traffic and Street View)
*Google Calendar
*Google Talk

3G Network and Wi-Fi Access
Not only can you navigate the real Web, you can do it at blazing speeds! Seamlessly moving between available 3G Network and Wi-Fi access, the T-Mobile G1™ gives you the Web when you're on the go.

IM/Text/E-mail, Sign in once with your Gmail™ password and your GoogleTalk, Gmail and Google Calendar are kept up to date. Add in texting and you're ready to leave your computer without worrying about being out of touch with your contacts. Have more than just a Gmail account? No problem. You can access other e-mail accounts right from your T-Mobile G1™.

3.2 Megapixel Camera, With a capable digital camera built in, the T-Mobile G1™ lets you capture high-quality photos of the moments that matter most and share them with friends. And with 1GB of memory (expandable to 8GB) you can afford to capture a lot of moments. It also features autofocus built in and a shortcut button to the camera on the side.

YouTube™ Videos, With millions of videos from YouTube at your fingertips, you can find that funny video you were trying to tell your friend about and show it off from wherever you are.

Music Player
With the included 1GB memory card that you can expand to 8GB, you can listen to your music with the built in music player or on any computer. That means you're never without your favorite tunes, no matter where you go.

At The Android Market You can download the hottest applications from Android Market - just one touch away. With games, social networking, on-the-go shopping applications and more, you'll get more done and get it done on your schedule. The possibilities are endless.

One-touch access
Games, social networking, on-the-go shopping and more
Download wirelessly

Customizable Home Screen and Shuffle around your applications. Drag and drop your favorite applications, photos or folders. Create wallpaper from your photos. Whatever you access most, or want to see everyday can be put front and center so your T-Mobile G1 is as unique as you are. It's all up to you.