HTC One Mini Android Phone

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HTC One Mini PhoneThe World is confused about size. The old adage is Bigger is Better, but technology has been striving to get smaller for decades. As Smartphones get bigger users find that bigger is not always better. The HTC One Mini applies to those who want a pocket phone not a Tablet.
Less than 4 1/2 onces the Android Phone doesnt lake the power and features of it's Big Brother HTC One.

Dual frontal stereo speakers project sound at you, not away, for unrivaled sound from a smartphone. Built-in amps enhance everything so you’ll experience louder, fuller, richer sound for a more immersed experience. The only thing small about the HTC One mini is its size.

Create a living, breathing photo gallery and show off your memories like never before. The HTC One mini selects the highlights of an event and crafts a stunning 30-second show. No additional software or editing skills needed. Choose your music theme for additional effect, and release your life movie for everyone to enjoy.

The home screen that updates automatically with over 1,400 content partners. News, sports, blogs, posts and more displays on your home screen constantly. Customize your very own HTC BlinkFeed and start connecting to the content that matters most.

If you are looking for a Smartphone with all the newest features, hardware and power of a Phablet then consider The HTC One Mini.