HTC Sensation Android Phone

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HTC Sensation 4G: The Hottness Unleashed!

Have you found that most smart phones on the market are really the same device in different packaging? Do you see the same old designs, with the exact same specifications everywhere you go? The cure for this common malady can be found in the form of a mobile device like no other, the HTC Sensation.

The HTC Sensation is a smart phone designed by the well known HTC manfuacturing company. This mobile device company has proven its capacity over several years of quality service, and the Sensation is another device in their long and illustrious history. However, unlike its competitors, this device has something few others do. It is designed to be used for long periods in a comfortable manner. The weight of the device, its size and shape, even the screen resolution quality; each of these items is taken into account to allow for the most user-friendly experience possible.

HTC Sensation 4G PhoneIf you're seeking a mobile handset that has blazing fast 4G connectivity and powerful processing capacity then look no further. The HTC Sensation can stand processor to processor with the best in the industry and make a formidable showing for itself. Its dual core processors allow for 1.2 GHz of power while its 768 MB RAM allows it to actively use that power to incredible effect. This high-end mobile phone comes pack with two cameras for video conferencing, and a screen capable of rendering 16:9 videos without the annoying black bar that so many other devices find necessary due to the lack of foresight during their design phase.

The HTC Sensation Specs are nice, but how does this smart phone actually work when being used you might ask? Well, this device is 4.3 inches of sex rolled into an aluminum cast unibody design. This makes it durable, and capable of being able to survive the occasional accidental drop in good working order. The connectivity is solid, and phone calls are made with crystalline clarity. Navigation of the various links and apps on the device is performed with incredible ease due to the inclusion of bother the 2.3 Gingerbread operating system from Android and HTCs own in-house HTC Sense 3.0 user interface.

Ultimately, the kind of person who wants to buy this 4G phone is an individual who does not want to fit into another individual's smart phone mold. The HTC Sensation is designed to be used by an owner that wants powerful architecture, outstanding levels of customization, and a sexy phone that can handle whatever is thrown at it. If this sounds like you, then buy it today!