HTC Tattoo Android Phone

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HTC Tattoo is all about you. It?s the first phone that can be customized inside and out. Decide how your phone looks, then decide what you want to look at. Texts? Twitter? Your photos? When you?re done customizing HTC Tattoo, you?ll have a phone that speaks loudly about who you are and what you?re into. Your phone is by your side 24/7 and looks do matter. With HTC Tattoo, you don?t just pick the look, you make the look, by designing your own personal skin for the phone. Next, you decide what really matters to you on your phone. So if you?re into chatting, texting, and tweeting, you?ll put all your communication widgets and apps right on your front screen. If you?re into games, you?ll visit Android Market and download all the games you want. Put them right on the surface - ready to kill boredom whenever it tries to come out. Do you have a friend like Jack? Jack ? sends you 4 SMS/hour, 3 emails/day, updates his facebook status constantly and uploads pictures on Flickr that you just can?t miss. With HTC Tattoo staying on top of Jack?s and your other friends? lives is dead easy. All you have to do is find a friendly face and your interactions are there, all in one place. So there is no more jumping from one app to another. Sometimes there are no words to describe the cool surprises that happen in your life. Even basic functions like the dialer will make you smile on the HTC Tattoo. You can find a friend by dialing their phone number or simply by dialing their name. If you?re into music, you?ll love the way you can organize all your tunes by album, artist or by playlists you create. And if you?re a photo fan, you?ll rave about the fact that your Album is not just the photos saved on your phone. It is also a gateway to online collections of you and your friends on Facebook or Flickr. Finding needles in a haystack is no longer a problem with HTC Tattoo. The dedicated Search button sifts through tweets in Twitter?

HTC TattooAdditional Features
Integrated digital compass, accelerometer

Weight: 113 g

HTC Tattoo Data
Internet Browser: Yes
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g

HTC Tattoo Battery
Battery: Lithium ion - 1100 mAh
Talk Time: 390 min