LG Optimus Chic Android Phone

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LG Optimus Chic Android Phone LG is known for building sleek well designed phones. They have been doing it longer than most manufacturers. The LG Dare and Voyager phones where considered the first iPhone killers.

The LG Chic Android Phone carries the tradition of building powerful functional phones at affordible prices for the masses. This fits in with Android as being as open and optimized for users as possible.

LG Announced the Chic on September 14,2010 along with the Optimus One, both of which are only a peek into LG's endeavor of Android. LG Optimus Chic’s, curved lines provide a solid grip and the two-color variants make the smartphone as stylish as the person carrying it. LG Optimus Chic’s touch-sensitive buttons complete the device’s sleek and minimalist look.

LG Optimus Chic also offers a unique on-screen phone feature which allows users to remotely control the device from their PCs. Plus, via LG Air Sync, it keeps users up-to-date with its ability to wirelessly sync contacts, photos and other vital information with computer and cloud database. Compatible with DLNA™ (Digital Living Network Alliance), multimedia content can easily be shared with other DLNA certified devices such as TVs, AV systems and laptop computers.

LG Optimus Chic will be available in Europe starting in November 2010 with other markets in Asia-Pacific to follow. Vodafone will likley be the Wire carrier.