LG Revolution Android Phone

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LG Revolution Android PhoneHave you been looking for a 4G smart phone with a little something extra? Tired of all the phones that seem to be identical clones of each other? The LG Revolution is exactly what you need.

This LG Android phone has many of the features that are an absolute must for a smart phone currently. The large screen is one notable item of interest for many. The device is slightly over 5-inches in height, and 2.63 inches wide. This device provides the user with a touch-screen that is 4.3 inches diagonal. This means that these LG phones are nearly the size of a tablet device. However, The LG Revolution maintains the pocket-size portability of a smart phone. Albeit, they need to be placed in a larger pocket than most phones.

This device works all across the country via the Verizon network. Further, it comes with a multitude of nifty features that will make video-conferencing, taking pictures, and viewing materials a breeze. The rear facing camera has an astonishing capacity to capture HD video in 1080p resolution. It also comes with a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for those all important video calls. A notable departure from a few other devices, this LG Android Verizon phone comes complete with the capacity to not only connect with another device via an HDMI port, but with the ability to connect via a wireless connection if a television or similar device can receive such signals.

Outside of the specs for the device there are a myriad number of reasons why you want to buy this smart phone. The aesthetics alone are quite a good reason to consider it. The device comes in only a single color by default, but a sexy black phone that looks like something out of a science fiction show cannot be dismissed outright. The device is solidly constructed, looks good in the users hand, and it is made by a company that knows how to incorporate solid features in intuitive ways. Buy the Best New LG Smartphone, buy the LG Revolution.

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