Droid Mini By Motorola

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Have you heard about the new Android phones for 2013? It would be hard to believe that you hadn't considering the variety that Motorola alone is releasing. Among the new Droid phones the Motorola Droid Mini has a lot of people intrigued.

Why the love for the Mini? Well, there are a lot of reasons but the fact that it is only 4.3 inches long is one of the biggest. It is a smart phone that actually fits in the palm of your hand while maintaining a high level of functional usage. It's a small, sexy, palm-sized device powered by the same software architecture as the other offerings from Motorola this year.

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The Motorola Droid Mini is basically a smaller version of the Motorola Droid Ultra. You can think of the mini as the Ultra's sassy little sister. She has a lot of personality in her tiny little frame.

Outside of its cute little physical appearance the Mini has a lot going for it. It does not take up as much space. It has the same Kevlar construction as the Ultra. It is slightly thicker but not in a bad way. The newest Android phones from Motorola all share that solid construction feel and the Mini is no different. This replacement for the Droid Razr M model is a remarkable improvement over the older device.

The lower price of this model compared to the Ultra is one of its selling points as well. The software is virtually identical and only a few small mechanical changes separate it from the Ultra. The biggest difference is that it uses an LCD screen instead of super AMOLED. Don't let this detract from its overwhelming amounts of awesome, however. Due to the size of the screen and the image processing capacity Text and images actually look sharper on the Mini when compared to its bigger brothers.

There are a lot of Motorola Droid MAXX Review sites around. The Droid Ultra gets a lot of press too. The mini isn't about trying to be the best and it doesn't get mixed up in most of the phone comparison contests as often. It is a simple and sweet little device that does its job, and does it well.

You may notice that Ultra and Motorola Droid Maxx review sites will tend to focus mainly on the specs. Few among them really want to show exactly why these phones are awesome to use on a daily basis. The Mini seems to have the opposite effect. This tells me that more people actually want to use their Mini instead of treating it like bragging rights.

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The Mini is the little sister in the Motorola release family. However, compared to her big brother the Motorola Droid Ultra, she is not that far from becoming a full grown lady. You should consider treating her as such. Be nice to her. Take her places. Let her do her thing and believe in her!

The newest Android phones on the market run the gamut from extreme high-end to low-end but economical. Among these new Droid phones the Mini sits firmly in the middle ground. It has a solid capacity to compete with the other new Android phones but it does not come with the hefty price tag. Who wouldn't want to own a hand-held device that's made to resist damage and looks super sweet doing it?

If you want a small, highly durable, solid smart phone then you can't go wrong with the Motorola Droid Mini. This sassy little sister has the beauty and style to throw down with the best that the Android set has to offer and come out looking cute and functional at the same time.