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Moto X by Motorola

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Do you remember all of those science fiction shows that featured the characters directly interacting with their computers via an always on voice function? Well, that reality is one step closer with the advent of the Moto X Android phone. This is accomplished through the Google's proprietary always-on mic software pioneered on their Google Glass. The difference is that this Moto device will be the first retail device offered that uses this software. Really makes you think when it comes to choosing between Motorola and a Samsung Galaxy, now doesn't it?

This is actually a pretty big deal considering the fact that Google and Motorola believe that they have fixed the issue that caused severe battery drain whenever the function was used. This means that any time you wish to use your Moto Droid smart phone via a natural human tone of voice it will react in your preferred language with alarming accuracy and attention to detail.

There are many, many, reasons why the Moto X Android is the overall most desired Newest Motorola Droid smart phone of the year. Some people think it beats of the Maxx and the best that the Galaxy S has to offer.

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The voice software is but one of the more interesting aspects. The entire Moto Droid franchise is being revamped for its release. Unprecedented levels of customization and beautification are available right off the bat. Are you tired of red or black as your only real choices? Try a pastel blue! It's cool, you can do it! The Motomaker is up and running. Create your Droid Maxx alternative to your heart's content.

Do you want a truly personalized smart phone? Using Motomaker you can create a custom backplate, color, and stamped design on your new Moto X. The Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S do not offer this kind of customization. The Droid Maxx for all its capacity does not offer it either. No droid phone does. Motomaker is the perfect tool to create your smart phone experience, your way.

The camera interface and optimization has been overhauled as well allowing this particular Droid Maxx alternative to keep up with the big boys, acting as a middle-of-the-road piece that has all around appeal. Do you want a phone that does one thing with incredible finesse, or do you want a phone that does pretty much everything a modern smart phone should, but at a moderate level overall? If you desire super high-end specs and one or two great capacities then consider the Galaxy series from Samsung. The Galaxy S is still one of the most desired smart phone series around the world. If you want a smart phone that does it all at a solid and reliable level then go with a Moto X. It is comparable with the Droid Maxx in many respects but its customization features win in the end.

Speaking of Camera interfacing and software the new clear pixel concept allows for never before seen levels of smart phone camera optimization. Are you tired of blurry night time images? Do you long for sharp and crystal clear photos? The clear pixel camera update allows for crisp and clean images and upgraded night-time photographic capacity that none of the other smart phones can offer. Take your photos and have them be as clear as you deserve!

You've heard the hype, now hear the hope. Buy a Moto X from Motorola and you'll not only receive all these awesome goodies, you will also receive the frontline device in the war on BLAH. That's right, say goodbye to boring technology that rarely changes over time. Say hello to the future, today!