Motorola Droid Bionic Android Phone

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Motorola Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic

If you're seeking a sexy smart phone to handle all of your social status updates, work through, or just to look awesome while you walk down the street the Droid Bionic is one of the best around. This Motorola smart device has many wonder features that may be used as a recommendation for the average user. It looks interesting, it's a solidly constructed piece of high-technology, and a power house style processor.


The Droid Bionic is an LTE capable smart phone manufactured by Motorola for the Verizon network. This means that the device is user friendly, solidly constructed, and will work via America's fastest 4G network. These features alone make the device notable. However, there are many other note worthy reasons to purchase this device. The 1 Ghz dual core processors and 512MB RAM are two good reasons. This set up allows for a lot of processing power for such a tiny device, and marks it as one of the stronger multitasking capable devices on the market.

For those individuals who enjoy being social or who like to take videos on their cell phone, the Droid Bionic is capable of handling the creation of hi-def video at 720p capacity. Still photos are rendered in 8 MP capacity, with an LED flash included for better lighting. This allows for the creation of gorgeous smart phone videos on the go, an the capturing of intriguing images in various types of lighting.

If you are a creative individual, artist, or perhaps an internet model who enjoys taking smart phone images as a promotional tool, then this smart phone is a solid choice. Several of the desired functions for modern smart phones are included such as Swype capacity, multi-touch input, and a MicroSD slot capable of allowing for up to an extra 32GB of storage space for video and music files.

Reasons To Purchase This Smart Phone:

This handset is solidly constructed, powerful, a capable multitasking device, and has many useful social functions that will be useful for those individuals who are creative or who use social networking sites frequently while on the move. Overall this device is developed with high-end technology by one of the most time-tested companies in the business. It is less expensive than some of the comparable smart phones, while maintaining the type of ease of use that Motoroal phones are known for. Unleash your creativity! Buy this phone today!