Motorola Droid R2D2 Special Edition Android Phone

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Android Star Wars Phone.Limited edition DROID™ R2-D2™ by Motorola will limited to 50K run from the information we received. This will make the R2D2 Star Wars Phone the most sought after collectible in the Star Wars Saga History.

Graphic design to look like the iconic Astronomic Droid from the Star Wars Saga, the DROID R2-D2from Motorola shipped in a custom box resembling carbonate and come with a Star Wars media dock and wired stereo headset. Star Wars exclusive content comes pre-loaded on the special edition Droid Phone, including:

- R2-D2 notification sounds and ringtones
- Four live wallpapers
- R2-D2 Clock Widget
- “The Best of R2-D2” video with the original Cantina music
- Exclusive Binoculars App

Star Wars Mobile App Available for All Customers with Android 2.1 phones

To celebrate 30 years since Star Wars opened in theaters, customers with Android devices running Android 2.1 or higher can download the Empire Strikes Back app from Android Market. The app, only for Verizon Wireless customers, allows wannabe Jedi Masters to browse, preview and download Star Wars content related to Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Verizon Wireless customers can access premium Star Wars content for a one-time charge of $2.99.

The Star Wars mobile app will have the following features and content:

- Bounty Hunt Visual ID: Find and capture images around the Star Wars universe to unlock hidden content
- Sound and Photo Gallery
- Live Wallpapers:
-- Blast the Probe Droid
-- Luke Balancing Yoda
-- Navigating the Asteroid Field
-- Watch Bespin’s Cloud City
- Trivia Challenge: Answer trivia questions about the Empire Strikes Back
- Widgets

The mere fact that this phone is limited edition means that the price will be driven up fast.

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