Motorola Droid X Android Phone

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Put the Power of Droid X in the Palm of Your Hand

There is no secret that the newest bad boy smart phone on the block is ready to rock. The Motorola Droid X Android phone is one of those mobile devices that many people would give their grandmother's left arm for. Its sleek, sexy, and overall comfortable design make it one of the most aesthetically appealing devices on the market to date. Aesthetically speaking the device decides to flip the design script and removes the bulky 'chin' that appears on a lot of Android phones. Whether this was intended or not doesn't matter. The end result is that the hardware bump seen in most smart phones that try to be incredibly slim is often a slight detraction from its design appeal. When that bump is moved to the top of the device it allows the entire phone to become easier to hold and more comfortable to use. It is a minor point, but its the little things that make the difference between extraordinarily high-end devices such as the Droid X and the iPhone4. Though in the instance of a comparison between these two phones it is easy to separate them. The Droid X will work whether you are 'holding it wrong' or not.

When it comes to user friendly nature and consumer love this smart phone is no slouch. It is easy to navigate and allows the owner to utilize a new interface that Motorola is hesitant to call Motoblur. The truth is that the UI on the Droid X could just as easily be called 'Blur done right' but BDR would be a term most wouldn't recognize offhand and some people would mistake the new concepts used for the old Motoblur. Many people disliked the original version because of its insistence on certain design concepts. Motorola fixed all of those issues with the new interface.

A quantum leap in telecommunications advancement the Droid X is an Android powered phone that people take notice of right away. It is a fashion statement, a powerful business tool, and it looks really cool. Whether someone wants to use it for entertainment, communication, or a paperweight doesn't matter. In the end it is simply the best around and you want it because you deserve nice things, right?