Motorola Flipout Android Phone

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ATTWireless Android PhoneMotorola Flipout Android Phone brings an advanced user interface, square form factor, affordable and a pivot design for power users. The Motorola Flipout whips open to reveal a full keyboard below its touch screen with a dedicated fifth row for numbers. Users can customize the color to match a certian ora with Dark Sapphire and Saffron battery covers included with the phone. Additional colors will be available soon.

Users can filter messages and contacts to easily connect with your friends; move and resize widgets to suit user preference with Motoblur UI.

A very optimization feature is a touchscreen that rotates open on a swivel hinge to reveal a five-row QWERTY keypad. Pitcure yourself flipping open this phone with a flip of the thumb.

Owners can sync with friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more from the home screen. Now users can block updates they are not so excited about, Like advtertising.

The Plipout comes a unique noise-suppression technology that amplifies a speakers voice while filtering out background noise for exceptionally calls and better communnications