Motorola XT710 Android Phone

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Why the MOTOROLA XT710 Android Phone is Right for You

The desire to own a cell phone, such as the Motorola XT710 Android Phone, unlike any other is a fairly common one. Many people in parts of the world enjoy purchasing smart phones internationally so that they can have a mobile device no one else is likely to have. This is both for pride-filled bragging rights and occasionally for security reasons. Generally it is much easier to prove someone just picked up your cell phone and is trying to walk off with it if the device is not released in that country. Beyond simple bragging rights and security there is the fact that foreign cell phones often contain features and capacities that do not exist in the individual's native country.

The Motorola XT710 Android Phone is one of the trinity of phones Motorola released exclusively to the Chinese public at first. While variations exist and are popular world wide the original phone was released in China with the Android 2.0 operating system (Eclair). This unlocked phone works well and utilizes an HSPDA connection. While this generally means that it will only work with a 2G level carrier in some parts of the world, the phone itself is 3G capable.

It is comparable in power and capacity with any other modern smart phone below the level of the Droid X and unlike the much touted iPhone4 it will not simply drop a call or an internet connections because your finger slipped. Its features run the gamut from the now standard FM radio broadcast reception to the much desired Bluetooth connectivity. It is a solid mobile device that is manufactured from time tested technology.

The fact that it was released several months ago actually plays into its favor. While many people automatically assume that an electronic device manufactured and released within the 'last five minutes' is superior this is not always true. A device that has been on the market for less than a year, but more than a few months will have had most of the bugs worked out. This is no different with the XT710. When you buy this mobile device you are purchasing both international bragging rights and peace of mind.

The Motorola XT710 Android Phone at this time is not available in North America. If you are in Europe we recommend Vodafone as they have availability of Android Phones that other don't.