Motorola XT720 Android Phone

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The MOTOROLA XT720 Android Phone and Why You Must Have One

Have you ever wanted to buy a smart phone that was not just another rehash of the clones flooding the market? Your chance to do so has arrived with the coming of the Motorola XT720 Android Phone. This sleek, almost sexy, smart phone is a slim item capable of performing all the necessary tasks of a modern fully featured smart phone while looking incredible in the process. Essentially, this device is similar to the Motorola Motoroi seen in Korea except that it is designed with the European crowd in mind.

Individuals living in North America are not out of luck when it comes to purchasing this high-end device. The unlocked nature of this android phone allows it to be used on a wide variety of networks. While there are the occasional nay-saying detractors when it comes to reviews for this phone, most of those negatives are actually just minor criticisms. The most often cited criticism is that this Android Phone is like a Droid without the keyboard. In point of fact many people thought this would be the next Droid until it was released in the UK. Spiritually and technologically it has more in common with the Motoroi sold in Korea, however.

Despite its similarities with the Droid it has many other noteworthy features that make it stand out from the crowd. This is especially true of its camera functions, noted as being far superior than most other devices on the market. Purchasing this device is incredibly easy in the UK. If an individual lives in another country, such as Canada or the US, they will need to import it.

There are many types of people that would be interested in this Android Phone. Its slim pocket friendly nature combined with light weight design make it easy to carry around. The screen is large enough to be seen clearly, and it works well in a wide variety of environments. Anyone interested in a mobile device that has some of the best connectivity and camera utility in the world will find this one to be the perfect present to themselves this year.