Samsung Galaxy A Android Phone

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Korean Tech: The Reason You Want to Buy a Samsung Galaxy A Android Phone

Samsung is a well known known manufacturer of popular smart phones. They offer innovative concepts and interesting devices that can be used the world over. One of their most recent releases is known as the Samsung Galaxy A Android Phone. This Korean only version of their popular Galaxy line is considered to be one of the best mobile devices on the market to date. While there are many other Galaxy versions available throughout the world this variant garners international attention due to its design and overall look.

Anyone interest in purchasing this android phone will find that it is a little harder to come by than some of the other brands. This is both a good and bad thing for customers outside of South Korea. It is bad because it makes it more difficult to import one. However, it is good because this means that anyone with such a device will find themselves quite the local cell phone celebrity. Anyone that wants one of the other Galaxy models will find them readily available. Far fewer of these individuals will be in possession of a Galaxy A, however.

Beyond the fact that having an interesting and unique seeming cell phone might act as a conversation piece, there are other reasons to purchase this device. It is an Android phone capable of accessing not only the Android Maketplace but also Samsung's unique app market as well. There are over a hundred officially crafted apps being developed by Samsung at present for this bad boy. It has the amoled screen everyone has come to know and love, plus it is attractively packaged and works well for its primary purpose. The voice communication technology is solid and clear allowing for long hours of talking.

The Samsung Galaxy A is a slight tweak of the original Galaxy. This means it uses the same time tested construction of the first in an updated and more dynamic fashion. This device is perfect for individual's on the go and it is easy to upgrade. It also comes with the Android 2.1 OS that many people simply adore. In the end, this mobile device is meant for anyone that either lives in south Korea or wants to be unique and interesting when compared to people in their home countries.

# Product Type Smartphone With digital camera / digital player
# Service Provider Verizon Wireless
# Width 4.8 in
# Depth 0.4 in
# Height 4.8 in
# Weight
* Technology GSM / UMTS
* Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) / UMTS 1700/2100 (Dual Band)
* Phone Design PDA
* Caller ID Yes
* Wireless Interface Bluetooth
* Additional Features GPS , Touch screen , Speakerphone , microSD card slot , Conference calling , Call forwarding
* Operating System Android OS
* Short Messaging Service (SMS) Yes
* Internet Browser Yes
* Messaging / Data Features Text messages , Multimedia messages (MMS) , E-Mail , Voice mail .
Included Accessories Battery , desktop charger , 2GB SD card , USB cable , Stereo headset , Additional battery cover