Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

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Do you still wear a watch? Many people have begun to ditch watches altogether because they have the ability to simply pull out their phone and check the time while checking their messages. However, what if you can't do that? What if you are in a meeting, or in an area where smart phones are not allowed? Enter the smart watch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch to be exact.

This device heralds a new innovation in the modern 'smart' device industry. The Galaxy Smart Watch is something akin to a technological communications day-walker. It has the strengths of a smart phone, and the simplicity of a watch. This wrist-worn device pairs with a mobile device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note III in order to provide its great features and utility.

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Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent like in the movies? Do you want to stroll in with your modified spy-watch and be able to take pictures of secret evil bad guy documents then send them to your government in a message, all from your watch? Do you want to keep in contact with your handler while you are deep in the spy game? Well, unless you are actually a secret agent you still won't be doing that. However, all of that functionality exists, and it’s pretty freaking sweet!


No good smartwatch review would be complete without discussing the actual specs of the device in question. The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch looks sleek and stylish. It has a 1.9 megapixel camera, a 1.6 inch Super AMOLED screen. This does place the watch a bit on the large side of the equation but it is still smaller than many of the monstrously huge sports watches that many people try to carry around during marathons and similar events.

The clasp is strong and tight-fitting. It will not slip off. The clasp comes in several colors with black and lime green being the most notable. The battery life for the device is around 36 hours of casual use, which is fairly reasonable as a smart accessory. It comes with a charging cradle designed to quickly recharge the device. Place it in the cradle when you go to sleep at night and never worry about it running out of power throughout the day.

You will be able to pair the device with several Samsung Galaxy devices even though it was only compatible with two devices when it initially launched. It is primarily designed to work with the Note III. If you have a device such as the Galaxy S4 updating the operating systems to newer version type, 4.3 Jellybean, will allow you to use this smart watch as well.

When you pair the device to your Galaxy Note III you will have access to voice commands and phone call capability via blue tooth. You will not need to wear the ear piece again, if you take the smart watch route. The best part of using the Galaxy Gear as a companion device is that you will not need to pull out your massive Note III every time you want to check the time, messages, or make a phone call. You can use most of the functions of your smart phone without having to risk dropping it or holding the large device to your ear. Casual messaging and phone calls are much simpler this way.

The device can be paired with your Galaxy Note III or alternative Samsung device with little effort via NFC. Place the smart watch into its charging cradle. Tap your mobile device against the Galaxy Gear and follow the prompts that will begin to appear onscreen. There will be no muss, no fuss, and no tears.

The main uses for this sexy new device are to tell time, naturally, and to check notifications. Notifications will often require you to use your paired device in order to see them. However, there are apps that allow for checking and reading notifications directly on the device itself.

There are several highly useful apps that will work with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Six of the more notable apps include: Atooma, Banjo, Evernote, eBay, Path, and Pocket.

Atooma is one of the most sought-after apps for the device. This app will allow the wearer to perform various actions in an 'if-then' type of manner. Basically, you will be able to set up a schedule of actions and time-tables that automatically cause something to occur.

You could set the app to message a friend automatically when you arrive at a specific destination. Something like, "Hey, where are you? I'm ready for the party ya'll!" might be sent out if you arrived at a club or something and none of your friends are there yet. The same thing could be accomplished if you are driving home and don't want to text your husband or wife about the fact that you will be home in five minutes. Once you pass a certain cross-road the watch will message your significant other for you. No more texting and driving just to say you are almost home!

Banjo is a location based app that streams the happenings near you in a live time-frame. One example would be that you want to go do something tonight but don't know if anything fun is happening. You go to the app and immediately discover that there is a benefit concert going on near you. Maybe, you want to know what is playing at a local cinema. There you go. The app brings it all to you.

Evernote is a fun little app that allows you to use the built-in camera better. This app leverages the camera for photo and video taking, and allows for photos taken to be displayed on the Samsung Gear screen. You can send the photos easily to your Note 3 or vice versa.

EBay is a self-explanatory app. This app allows you to check eBay. You can buy, finish transactions, and possibly even go into a store and take a picture of something that you would like to buy. This picture would then bring up that retailers buy it now options or possibly find something like it for sale. That's right, ecommerce through a James Bond smart watch!

Path is one of the most popular apps for Android phones. It allows you to utilize your social networks directly through the Galaxy Gear. You can check notifications, take and send photos directly to their social sites, and even show off their location. It is a must have app for anyone who wants to use Facebook and other social sites with greater ease.

Pocket is a very sweet little app that you can find in the app store. Do you like bed time stories? Do you like to hear about news or trends, but don't have the time to read lengthy articles. This is the app for you! Pocket is a verbal program that reads articles aloud for your listening pleasure. You have the capacity to slow down, or speed up, the pace in which a story or article is read aloud. This is the perfect app for people who want to enjoy a meal but still want to be informed.