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Are you growing tired of limited RAM in your Android phone or tablet? Do you desire a smart phone or tablet that has enough memory access to utilize high-end programs? You get that and more with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3! And don't forget you can sync the Note 3 with Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

The Note 3 is what some people are calling a 'phablet'. This is a cross between a smart phone and a tablet that grants the user the best of both worlds. If you love graphics it comes with a true high-definition 1080p Super AMOLED screen. Not only can you stream movies and play games with little to no slow down, but now they will look absolutely gorgeous. The screen itself is 5.7 inches but Samsung has managed to keep the weight and profile of this device down to a sleek and sexy compact design.

The S pen is all new and more capable than ever when it comes to delivering pin point accurate taps to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The 13 megapixel camera is a brand new sexy design as well, allowing for not only great picture taking but excellent video as well. It has digital image stabilization, digital zoom, and all manner of nifty little ways to take pictures and video. The ability to take 1080p digital video alone is worth the price of admission for this sexy little Galaxy Tablet style phone.

This device uses the latest Android version and allows users to utilize the new Samsung kies version, version 3. The Android 4.3 version known as Jellybean allows for updated gallery modes and functional increases that will make you practically jump up and clap your hands excitedly. The Note 3 has so many sexy features that you would think that it had its own late night talk show discussing relationships.

If you have looked into the Note II you will notice the minor physical differences, but major increase in capacity. The Note III is slightly larger in size, but actually has a smaller overall profile. This device shares more in common physically with the Note I, and packs a serious punch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the smart phone tablet hybrid of the future. It has several things that few other smart phones offer. One of those things is the new USB 3.0 connection port. However, this does not mean that your older 2.0 USB cables are useless. You can still use those. You simply have the option of upgrading to the higher class cable if you so choose! That's what the Note III is all about, options! In case you do not see the point of a USB 3.0 cable port, it effectively increases data transfer rate capacity. The 2.0 version generally allows for around 280 MBs transfer rates between devices. The 3.0 version, despite being a slightly uglier cable concept allows doe 4 GBs transfer rates. That is a massive difference and few devices have the capacity!

The sexy just does not stop with this device. It uses the delightfully fast Snapdragon 800 processor and comes with a 3 GB RAM capacity. Yes, you read that right. This device is the first to have a 3GB RAM and it will allow the usage of all that memory capacity to make your Samsung tablet experience all the better!