Samsung I5700 Android Phone

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The Samsung I5700 Android Phone and Why You Must Have it Today!

The Samsung I5700 Android Phone goes by many names in several countries the world over. It is known as the Galaxy Spica, the Galaxy Lite, and the Galaxy Portal. Each of these names are simply different methods of describing the awesome power of this handheld phone. Anyone interested in lightning fast communication capacity at their finger tips will find this handy little device meets all their needs and more.

This Android phone is designed with speed and user interactivity in mind. Earlier in 2010 the operating system was updated to Android 2.1. Many retailers now offer this pre-loaded on the phones as a method of garnering the attention of more customers. It has worked. The ability to purchase a phone that looks incredibly cool and works well has always been a favored activity by smart phone enthusiasts. The I5700 is considered to be the successor to the I7500. This is shown in some of its similarities, but also in many of its differences. For instance, the I5700 doesn't focus on connection speed, data storage, and camera resolution like its predecessor. These aspects are still an upper level priority, however, Samsung decided to focus more on the clockspeed of the device and made it quite a bit faster overall. This makes the device perfect for people that like reasonable connection speeds and storage but prefer quicker and more responsive in-house device controls overall.

The Samsung I5700 has been released for sale all over the world. This means that countries which the phone has not been released in will have a very high capacity to import and use this phone should they have a carrier that will accept the device. In countries that neighbor each other this is often as simple as using the local version of the company that offers connection in the neighboring country. In other countries interested potential buyers will simply have to wait for either a phone company to accept it on their network or for Samsung to release it in that nation.

If a swift and powerful processor, crystal clear phone communication, and solid reliable technology is something you value in a smart phone then look no further. The Samsung I5700 Android phone is quite possibly the best phone on the market for you.
* 3+ Megapixel Camera
* Email Client
* Wi-Fi
* High-Speed Data GPRS