Samsung Intercept Android Phone

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Why you Want to Buy the Samsung Intercept Android Phone sph-n910

Samsung Intercept Android PhoneThe original Samsung Moment was one of the most prolifically sold handset ever in the history of the company. The reason for this is its sleek design and easy navigation among other reasons. Samsung kept this dynamic user model alive and upgraded it all around for the release of the Samsung Intercept.

This handset is also known as the Samsung Moment 2 in some circles. It is a slim and sexy device sporting many interesting and relatively unique features. The term "iPhone Killer" is thrown around a lot but this phone does not need such an appellation. No Android powered phone really needs to be compared to the overpriced and underdeveloped products form Apple.

This device is a social trendsetters dream. It uses the Touch Wiz 3.0 interface powered by Android 2.1 (slated to be upgraded to 2.2). When this technology is combined with its four-row QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 inch TFT screen this meshes well to create an easy going system capable of rapidfire texting and social site usage.

Specs and features aren't the only things of interest about a given phone that makes it worth purchasing, however. The ease of use, durability, and customer support are each important aspects as well. The network it will be available on is more important than even these items.

Just as with the Samsung Moment has an intuitive user interface and exists on Sprint's network so does its successor. The Samsung Intercept Phone sph-n910 continues this concept by allowing for ease of use, touch or QWERTY command entering, and a solid visual package. The durability of this phone is still being tested by users but at present there have been no outcries against it. People drop their phones, lose them, sit on them by accident, and similar actions occur as well. Despite these common mishaps few people seem to have issue with this handset no longer working. This relates to a durable, sleek, and sexy phone that can go the distance.

Samsung may not be as noted for customer support in the past, however, they have changed this in the last two years. Between the Samsung app store and an ever increasing capacity to support their phones they have stepped up and delivered quality responses. This had been their weak point in the past but they have improved drastically and many people are quite happy with them now.

When it comes to the network this phone will work with, few can do better than Sprint. This is America's only true 4G network to date and as such this means that The Samsung Intercept will have a solid, fast, and clear connection at all times. Don't waste your money on a lesser product. The Samsung Intercept Phone sph-n910 is the right choice.

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