Samsung Vibrant Android Phone

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The Samsung Vibrant Android Phone and Why You Want It.

Samsung Vibrant Android PhoneThis mobile device is a handset which is capable of taking a concept and running with it. While many people focus on bells and whistles, the Samsung Vibrant Android phone focuses on providing communication capacity combined with entertainment value. There are several items on this device which come pre-loaded. The Kindle Android application allows for a thorough search through more than a half million books.

The games, movies, and books available for view on this device are rendered on an exquisite four inch Super AMOLED screen display. One of the largest touchscreen's around, the intricacies of the display potential it provides can not be matched by many handsets. If entertainment is as important as communication, the average owner will not be disappointed with the Samsung Vibrant.

This slim mobile device is less than half an inch thick and weighs only slightly more than four ounces. That's right less than half an inch thick and a quarter of a pound. A bologna sandwich often weighs more than this phone.

Web-browsing, is amazingly fast on T-mobile's 3G network. The Samsung Vibrant provides an enhanced experience in this regard. The device allows for both rapid connection to social networking sites and video downloads at incredible rates.

There are many excellent feature to recommend for this phone. However, specs alone do not make a phone great. The incredibly display screen, intuitive navigation, and sleek almost sensual appearance of this phone are only the beginning. The real meat of this device is the fact that it can handle long term use while looking good.

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Many mobile devices do not last more than a few months. This phone is well designed with top-tier parts and manufactured to exacting specifications. It fits well in the hand and provides crystal clear reception and a solid signal reception. This means that not only is it easy to get a signal, the phone will also have perfect clarity while using it.

The other phones on the market, such as the iPhone, are good for what they do. However, they are often overly hyped and as such people either expect too much or automatically dismiss them before purchase. This device is a Samsung and thankfully it has avoided the overzealous sales representatives so far. Instead of promising that this mobile device will do everything short of bear your children, Samsung simply explains that it is an incredible device at the right price. The Samsung Vibrant Android phone will provide countless hours of high-end usage for the savvy buyer.