Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android Phone

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android PhoneThere are a great number of mobile phones on the market vying for the attention of a potential customer. However, most of these devices offer nothing new and merely saturate the market with the same old technology that can be found at any street corner vending stall currently. The Sony Ericsson Arc turns this concept on its head by moving into bold new territory while also utilizing standard technology to allow for easy user operability.

One of the first items of notice regarding this smart phone is the fact that it is designed with the fashion conscious in mind, as opposed to those who value functionality only. While the hardware and software inside the device are top-tier and readily place among the high-end devices on the market, it is the exterior that gives this device a leg up on the competition. Instead of using a clunky brick approach, this device is designed to be thin with a concave rear. This new step in design concepts allows for a stylized look that separates the device from the generic phones on the market.

Beyond the intriguing look of the device, many people will be interested in knowing how the device performs. Specs can only tell the average consumer so much. The device has a 1 GHz processor which is nice in that it provides horse power for the smart phone. It has 512 MB RAM allowing it to be able to actually use that processing power readily. However, beyond the high-end specs there is actual usage of the device.

Due to the design basis of the device it fits well in your hand. It is easy to hold and does not lead to hand cramping when using the device for long periods of time. This usage can be performed inside or outside in relative comfort considering the fact that the device actually performs well in sunlight. Unlike some devices this handset includes the capacity to deal with varying light levels, allowing for continued use even in bright sunlight.

Overall this smart phone is meant to be owned by the discerning individual who is not as concerned with specs as they are with an artful and enjoyable mobile handset experience. A generic smart phone is used, the Sony Ericsson Arc is meant to be experienced. It is a technological piece of art that floats in a sea of devices that all want to be as drab and boring as possible. If you value style, sex appeal, and solid technolgy them you will buy this phone.