T-Mobile HTC HD2 vs. Motorola DROID A855 Video

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* Price: At the time of this comparison, the HD2 is a somewhat more expensive Google Phone than the Verizon Wireless DROID. Our prices are constantly changing, so be sure to keep checking back.
* Operating System: The T-Mobile HTC HD2 is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC’s attractive Sense user interface built on top, while the Motorola DROID is an Android-powered device and uses the standard Android user interface known as the Google Experience. The many differences between the two operating systems and user interfaces are beyond the scope of this comparison, but both devices are powerful solutions for both work and play.
* Keyboard: The Verizon Motorola DROID is equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard that slides from the side of the device in addition to a virtual on-screen QWERTY keyboard. The HD2 is limited to an on-screen virtual QWERTY keyboard. Because of the HD2’s large display and sensitive touch screen, the HD2 boasts one of the best virtual QWERTY keyboards currently available.
* Power: The Motorola DROID is a powerful Android device, and is a favorite choice among Android devices. The HTC HD2, however, has a faster processor and more RAM than the DROID. While users aren’t likely to notice a significant difference between the two devices in day-to-day operations, the HD2 will perform better when running memory-intensive applications and many applications simultaneously.
* Display: The DROID has a large and high resolution display (3.7-in., WVGA 480×854 pixels), but when compared to other cell phones on the market, the HTC HD2 has a huge and vibrant 4.3-inch screen (480×800 pixels) that makes it a superior device for entertainment.
* Size & Weight: Because the Motorola DROID has a physical QWERTY keyboard, it is a slightly thicker and heavier device. The HD2, however, is a taller and wider device because of its large display. Both device are perfectly pocketable, though. Source" Wirefly


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