Google Nexus One GPhone Gets Android Froyo Update

Android Froyo Update

Froyo Landed On Android Nexus One. Don’t be mad if your Droid HAsnt recieved it yet. Nexus in Googles Child And Will Always Get Updated First. Plus its the developers phone.

Time Magazines 2009 Top 10 List Picks Droid As Number One Gadget

Top 10 Gadgets

The year end reviews and top 10 lists are rolling out for the Holiday’s. Its not the tech magazine everyone looks to, but Time is very credible. They have been making top 10 lists for many years. They had iPhone […]

Droid 2.0.1 OS Update Has Begun Dropping To Phones


Over the last few weeks Android has been talking about the newest update 2.0.1. In our Dec. 4 SDK Update Post we had mentioned we heard the update would begin on the 10th. As small group of Droid Phone users […]

Android SDK And Phone To Be Update To 2.0.1 Before The End Of 09

Droid Update

Over on the Android Developers site they announced a update for the SDK which will also include a update for the devices. Developers are being asked to test there application right away to insure compatibility. We have heard that a […]