Droid Bionic Update To Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Droid Bionic Jelly Bean Update

Verizon Wireless announce April 15, 2013 release of a new software update, 98.72.22.XT875.Verizon.en.US, for the Droid Bionic by Motorola. This update includes an upgrade to the Android Operating System 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new […]

Verizon Wireless Droid DNA By HTC Smartphone Commercial Looks To The Future Of Being Connected

HTC Droid DNA Smartphone

The Droid DNA Smartphone BY HTC Has Taken Android To The Next Level.

Motorola Droid 4 4G LTE Android Smartphone on Verizon Wireless

Motorola Droid 4 4G LTE

Droid 4 4G Phone Launches On Verizon Wireless With Splash

Motorola Droid 4 Launching December 8 2011

Motorola Droid 4 Launching December 8 2011 Says Sources

Samsung Droid Charge Official Release Date

Get Ready For All The New 4G LTE Phones. Verizon Has Launched two 4G LTE Smartphones In One Month. The Droid Charge and HTC Thunderbolt Are Now Available.

Samsung Nexus S Officially New Google Phone N2

Samsung Nexus S Google Mobile

Yet another big announcement from the world of Android. The Samsung Nexus S is here. We assume since it was launched by the Google Mobile Blog it must be the new Google Phone, N2. Samsung is kicking it up a […]

Motorola Droid Pro Launches For Pre Orders Online

Droid Pro Android Phone

If you have been waiting for the Droid Pro then it’s time to pre order your device. We highly recommend that if you want the Motorola Droid Pro you be the first to order online. This phone is expected to […]

Verizon Begins Droid X Campaign, Newest Android Is Alive, Images


Droid X Coming Soon Frenzy Begins. Sign up for email alerts and be the first to have this Android Monster.

T-Mobile HTC HD2 vs. Motorola DROID A855 Video

Moto A855 Wins In T-Mobile HTC HD2 vs. Motorola DROID A855 Video

Optimization Of Widgets On The HTC DROID INCREDIBLE, Video


Setting Up Custom widgets How To on the DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC. Learning How To Use My Droid Phones With Users.

Free Nexus One Google Phone On Vodafone

Nexus One Cell Phone

Free Nexus One Google Phones Now Available On Vodafone. See The Full details As You Need To Know Where To Look.

Verizon Droid Commercial Zeros In On Layer App For Android

Layering Application For Droid

Android has the best interactive Navigation Apps. Whether your using the Google Navigation or the Maps App user can implement layering. The development team has been hard at work adding to Maps. Recently they added cycling and biking updates and […]

New Verizon Droid Commercials Keep On Coming | Droid Apps

Verizon Droid Image

Watch The Newest Verizon Droid Videos And Commercials. The Latest Video Features Runstar Workout App.

Twitter App For Droid Phones With Android Eclair 2.1 OS Or Higher

Twitter Android App Share  Images

Android And Google Worked With Twitter To Bring Users The First Official Twtter App For Droid. Best Twitter Application For Droid Phones.

Verizon LG Ally Commercial Hits Air Waves As Iron Man 2 Phone

Flying Iron Man On Droid Cell Phone

Verizon Droid LG Ally Commercial Hits Air Waves As Iron Man 2 Movie Official Phone. James Bond and Now Iron Man Gets A Official Mobile Phone For The Movie. Get A Iron Man Kids Meal and A Cell Phone at The Same Time.

Adobe Flash On Droid Moving Forward and Response To Steve Jobs

Custom droidcellphone.com banner for Droid and flash

Looks Like Flash Works On The Apple iPhone Mr Steve Jobs. Guess You Didn’t See The Video Of Flash Games On The Nexus One Either. Flash Is Almost Here. Sign Up For Email Beta Invite.

Droid Incredible Sold Out On Verizon Proves Dominance of Market

Droid Incredible Sell Out

Droid Incredible Sold Out On Verizon Proves Dominance of Market

HTC Droid Incredible Launch At WireFly Website Begins


WireFly Has Begun Selling The HTC Incredible Phone.The Most Anticipated Smartphone Of 2010. Verizon Wireless LTE 4G Network Is Being Built and The

Verizon Droid Messaging Commercial Running Multiple Applications

Ya Ya we know. Getting tired of the commercials from Verizon. The company has taken a risk of over exposure, but they are cracking the Smartphone market. It has been reported that Verizon sold 250.000 (?) Droid sales are climbing. […]

Verizon Shows No Signs Of Letting Up On Commercials

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and Verizon pushes forward with marketing of Droid. The latest offering from Verizon is a commercial that taunts the prettiness of the other smartphone out there. They never come right out […]

Buying Cell Phones As A Gift Without The Contract Hassles Is Easy

Ebay Top Sellers

How dose someone buy a Android Phone as a gift without putting the burden of a contract on the giftie. You can we buy a unlocked Droid Phone as a gift with Verizon Wireless Prepay The answer to these question […]

What Is Android and The Droid Smartphone From Verizon

Android Open Source

So unless you live under a rock you have probably heard of Android? No! Lots techies and internet enthusiasts think everyone knows what Android is. Not the case we have found that lots of people have no clue what Android […]

Droid Cell Phone By Verizon For Sale On eBay.com

The Android Operating System Has Certainly Taken Off. Heres Some Of The Earliest Reports The Day The Mobile Phone That Changed The World Launched.

Droid By Motorola Android Phone Specs and Video Leaked