Netflix Android App Available On Most Of The Newest Phones


When Netflix first launched for Android Phone they only had 5 devices. Security and licening was the reason stated for the limited amount of phones. To our surprise The Motorola Droid A855 aka the original Droid is now on the […]

Directv Launching On Android Phones

Directv Android App

As Android permeates the mobile landscape every company in the world is jockeying for position in the market place.  Directv is no different. Directv announced in a press release April 12, 2011 that HBO GO® and MAX GO® will be […]

Blockbuster App Will Be Exclusive To Motorola Droid X At Launch

The Blockbuster Movie Application will be available first for DROID X customers and will offer them access to hundreds of new releases from the rental giant. Built to take advantage of the video capabilities and screen size of DROID X, […]