Ten Great Thing About Verizons HTC Incredible Cell Phone

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The droid Incredible from HTC is considered the new "it" phone for the Verizon network. This is due to its capacity as one of the best, if not the best, smart phones currently on the market in the US. There are 10 great things about HTC incredible droid that the average should know when they compare this smart phone with another. These vary from technical aspects to simple items of interest.

One of the most important aspects of the HTC Incredible Droid phone is that it is powered by the Android 2.1 operating system. This operating system is touted as being the best available system on the market. It is capable of working in tandem with the most up-to-date internet connectivity in regards to capacity to perform amazing levels of downloading and uploading of data. The android 2.1 OS allows for apps, and various other aspects for this phone, to be the most heavily detailed and capable of any available on the market. Many individuals believe this phone may well prove to be more capable overall than the much hyped Google Nexus One.

Beyond the simple fact that the HTC Incredible Droid fom Verizon Wireless comes with the Android 2.1 OS, it is improved greatly by the existence of HTC's custom Sense User Interface for the device. This interface allows for greater in-depth detail and utilization of applications, social integration software, and their own unique keyboard. The Android 2.1 OS is considered to be the most up to date operating system available in the world, however it can suffer from stability issues in some devices. The HTC Sense UI installed on this mobile device counters most of the problems, minor as they tend to be, and allows for a smoother user-friendly experience while using the device.

The capacity of the Android 2.1 operating system and the Incredible's Sense UI working in unison allow for many unique and interesting applications. One of the most intriguing is the Friend Stream application. This app will unify its owner's Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr updates among other things. Friend Stream makes it incredibly easy to keep in touch with people and important events.

The Android 2.1 OS and in fact the entire phone is powered by the 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor installed in each of these smart phones. This is a processor that all the major technophiles have been talking about ever since its initial release. It is the current top of the line in regards to cell phone technology and proves to be more than adequate to handle all the bells and whistles this smart phone has in store for it.

Between the Sense UI, the processor, and the Android 2.1 OS, the HTC Incredible Droid by Verizon has a solid architecture for any further additions to be built upon. One of the more impressive add-ons for this smart phone is the fact that it provides seven distinct home screens. Each of these screens has a specific function that allows for intricate detail and customization for the owner of the device.

A feature that is of equal interest in any list of 10 great things about HTC Incredible Droid is the "Leap" function. This feature is activated via the use of a pinching motion anywhere on the screen. This allows for instant access to each of the seven aforementioned home screen panels. The utility and ease of use of this function makes this smart phone one of the most user friendly handset devices around.

The actual screen on this smart phone is notable in that it is 3.7 inches of WVGA (480X800) AMOLED capacitive touch related goodness. Pictures and icons are clear and detailed in ways that few smart phones can compare with. Colors, patterns, and lighting effects allow for a clean and clear view of the screen at all times. The device comes complete with both a proximity and light sensor that allows for proper screen viewing at all times of the day. Upon the face of the HTC Incredible Droid are four capacitive buttons. These dedicated touch-screen buttons are for Home, Back, Menu, and included Search Keys. Beyond this facet there is also an optical joystick that is used for smooth navigation and even image capturing with the built-in camera.

The HTC Incredible Droid phone is a device that goes places. In fact, the owner of this device will easily locate anywhere they wish to visit in quick succession due to the integrated GPS functions and digital compass. The ability to find anywhere the owner of the phone wishes to be, or locate a friend based on applied information can provide easy travel through even the most incomprehensibly designed American city.

As with most modern day smart phones the addition of a camera is required to convince anyone of a handset's utility. The HTC Incredible Droid's installed camera is an 8 megapixel feast for the photographic senses. The camera possesses blazing fast image capturing technology as well as a wide variety of extra goodies in the software department. The software provides the ability to manipulate captured images in numerous ways such as changing it to greyscale or sepia.

Of the 10 great things about HTC Incredible Droid mentioned so far one of the most overlooked features of this device is the fact that it actually acts as a phone. This Android powered hand set manages to provide crystal clear phone reception. This immaculate reception is provided through both the earpiece and the speaker. Further, this phone is known for maintaining a signal when other phones might not make the grade. As a smart phone connected through the Verizon network this means a lot of potential buyers will have proper reception nation wide.

These aforementioned 10 great things about HTC Incredible Droid that have been mentioned there are many unique and interesting functions that have not been mentioned. The killer apps available for the mobile device as well as the Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) internet connectivity are a major selling point for the device that might be overlooked by some individuals that seek the higher profile items previously mentioned.


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