The LG Ally Droid and Iron Man 2 A Marvel Of Advertising

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Ally-Iron-Man-2 There has been a great deal of hype in regards to the soon-to-be released LG Ally. A great deal of this hype comes not from the specs for the phone but from its advertising campaign. LG has worked with Marvel Studios to tie in the release of both the Iron Man 2 movie with the LG Ally. One of the primary mission statements in LG's current advertising blitzkrieg is that the newest LG smartphone will be the kind of technology that technological super-genius and superhero Tony Stark himself would use.
When LG partnered up with Marvel Studio to market Iron Man 2 they began promoting their new Android powered phone the LG Ally. The people at LG designed the first exclusive augmented reality app for the Android operating system. This app is considered by some to be the perfect merger of the two advertising concepts. The augmented reality app overlays a screen similar to the one seen in Tony Stark's HUD screen viewing scenes throughout Iron Man 2. It mimics the realism of that technological display and gives the impression that the world is being viewed through the Iron Man HUD screen. 
As far as we know the specs for the LG Ally include: Android 2.1 operating system, a 5 megapixel camera, a full slide-out QWERTY style keyboard, and numerous apps that are exclusive to the phone itself. Beyond these specs there are also Bluetooth, GPs, and WI-FI connection capacity. The overall size of the screen is a solid 3.2 inches of touch screen allowing for easy viewing of apps and other items of interest on this latest addition from LG. The hope that is spreading among many individuals is that it will be released on the Verizon network initially. There are many people that seem to think this the likeliest possibility due to rumors and the android 2.1 OS. Source LG Ally Droid

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