The Moto X VS The Motorola Droid Maxx

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Motorola Droid PhoneThe buzz is electrifying in the Droid Market of late. Motorola has released some sweet new devices that make the upcoming holiday season look very attractive for smart phones. Two of the most sought after devices are the Moto X and the Motorola Droid Maxx. Out of all of the new releases why are these two top of the heap? Well it's quite simple really! The Moto X has the kind of customization through Motomaker that smart phone owners have always dreamed of while the Maxx has the highest end specs of the four most recently released Motorola offerings. It's a battle between freedom of choice and unstoppable power in a head to head competition to get all of your money. Well, not all of it. Neither of these smart phones will break the bank.

What is the fuss behind the constant Moto X versus Droid Maxx debates? Well, let's consider the options as these phones are fairly similar in capacity.

Moto X

This device has it all. Solid mid-range performance and killer style make it a sure bet for most people. Hello, Moto! You got something with the Motomaker concept this year. The biggest claim to fame that this Droid has to offer is that it has serious customization options. Motomaker allows you to choose several features such as color and stylistic nature. You can even have a name emblazoned on the back. Do you have your own business and want to give out freebies to employees for Christmas? Well now you can have your own smart phone branded. No one will ever be able to say, "But I don't have a phone." at your office.

This is also an awesome feature for another reason. No one will be able to claim that you have their phone when it has your own name imprinted on the back. Whip out your ID and get em where it hurts, the truth! In a sea of similarly designed devices yours will be absolutely distinguishable. If you go Moto thieves are a no-go. Hah! That rhymed!

Droid Maxx

In the world of Moto Android devices you have to ask yourself, "Self, do I want the absolute best device that I can buy, or do I want the device that does it all that I can actually afford?" The Droid Maxx is a Droid device that fits firmly in place for anyone who wants to buy a smart phone but does not want to break the bank.

The Maxx has the highest specs out of all of these new Motorola releases, yet it does not cost significantly more. While it does not have the customization options of the Moto X it does have a battery supply that lasts 48 hours and a 5 inch super AMOLED screen. The X has a 4.7 inch screen. The internal specifications are in the higher-end of the mid-tier smart phones on offer. It should last you for several years due to its extremely high-end construction and by then there will be another device that calls out to you.

The main differences between the Maxx and the X are primarily cosmetic and battery life. The Maxx has slightly higher overall design specs and is bigger overall. It weighs more than the X and has twice the battery life. The X is a tight little machine that can be custom designed to order. The question you have to ask yourself is, "Do I prefer customization or size?"

If you like larger screens and lots of extra features then go with the Maxx. If customization is your thing then the Moto X is your lady tonight.

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