The Movie On Smarphone Race Heats Up As Verizon Adds Crackle

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Crackle Movies On PhonesNetflix, and Blackbuster have been in the news more than any other Movie Providers, as far as cell phone movies go anyway. Blockbuster manage to launch their Android Movie App during summer 2010 as Netflix floundered with Android, but pushed ahead on iPhone.

We have apps to watch shows, and Youtube too, but the content is short and not for everyone. CBS and others provide content, but is still lacking.

Verizon has had content through in house service VCast, but August 31, 2010 they took Movie Content a step forward with Crackle. It's a multi-platform premium video entertainment network from Sony Pictures Television.

Is a premium service like Vcast worth it? For now the answer appears to yes if you like good movies. Along with regular VCast programing Crackle adds things like A Jack Nicholson Collection, Origonal in house programing, and lots of content others just don't have.

When most of us think about shows and movies online and smartphones we think when will Hulu and the others save us with free apps connected to existing accounts. The providers have all said they are working on it.

A Crackle Movies premium subscription is available to customers for $5.99 per month in addition to the $10 monthly subscription for V CAST Video on Demand. There are no megabyte charges to download, stream or watch V CAST content with any V CAST subscription; however, customers must subscribe to a data package for a data usage allowance. For more information about V CAST Video, including how to subscribe, visit Verizon Wireless.


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