The Multi-Use Functions Of The HTC Sense UI For Droid Phones

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HTC Sense™ is an intuitive, seamless experience built upon three fundamental principles - make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.  It can be thought of as the User interface that HTC has designed to work on top of the Cell Phone Software platforms.

The HTC Sense User Interface is a technology based on the capacities of the TouchFLO 3D interface. This interface runs on both Android and Windows Mobile. The entire concept of the sense interface is to create a unique personal experience for each handset owner. The HTC Sense UI is designed to allow the owner to intricately customize their usage of their device to their specific needs. The first mobile phone that ran the Android OS that also utilized the HTC Sense User Interface was the HTC Hero. The Sprint version of the HTC Hero was announced for upcoming release on the day of June 24, 2009. Since its actual release on October 11, 2009 many people have come to adore HTC's SUI. The first Windows Mobile phone OS using handset, the HTC HD2, would be announced a few months later on October 6, 2009 and released not long after.

The World Mobile Congress held in 2010 brought about an announcement from HTC regarding an update of their Sense UI. This version would debut on both the HTC Desire and the Legend and is based entirely around the Android 2.1 architecture. There are several new features for release. One of those features is the "Friend Stream Widget", a widget that combines social networking information from Facebook, twitter, and Flickr. Another notable upgrade is known as "Leap". Leap is an incredibly useful multitasking tool that allows the user to have instant access to all open programs and home screens at one time via a simple pinching motion anywhere on the device.

The Windows Mobile variation of the HTC Sense User Interface is the natural technological successor to the TouchFLO 3D. The android version differs from the Windows Mobile version in that information will be featured on distinct and separate tabs via the available Android desktop widgets.

The multi-use functions of the HTC Sense UI are capable of making the usage of mobile devices become a much simpler and more intuitive affair for many people. The ability to actively change settings and make personal choices that influence how the device reacts to your specific quirks and desires is of keen interest to many people. This often leads to a choice of an HTC product over some of the other well known brands solely due to the existence of the Sense UI. The intuitive nature of the design combined with its functionality makes for a unique experience on each handset despite the architecture being the same design. Whether the operating system is a Windows Mobile or Android 2.1 version does not matter. The end result is that the device is a smoother running alternative to some of the other mobile devices currently on the market.

The Sense UI is now available on The Droid Eris, Motorola Droid and Now Verizon Wireless newest Droid. The HTC Incredible.


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