The Tiger Woods Camera App For Android Phones Is A Woot

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The Tiger Woods Photo Application is so much fun. It took about 30 seconds to creat this pic. Its Tiger watching TV and shaving in the morning. I think we would all be laughing if we saw news about closing Madonna's legs first thing in the morning. Wonder what he's thinking with that razor in his hand?

The people that brought us Obama Cam and the Twilight New Moon sound board have finally unleashed their much anticipated Tiger Woods Cam. The results so far are mixed, but considering that it is only the first iteration released by Diligent Labs it is quite incredible and more than a little hilarious.

The Tiger Woods Camera Android app works in similar regard to the original Obama Cam. There are a wide variety of poses and sometimes awkward positions that Tiger will find himself in during the utilization of this fun program.

The app works via a camera image overlay process. This process allows Tiger to be seen on the viewing portion of the android phone camera in any manner of situations. The hilarity ensues whenever an interesting shot presents itself.

Tiger can be seen bending over, kissing the air, swinging a golf club, as well as merely smiling and jocking for the camera. The number of uses for this are limitless but a few truly interesting things that have cropped up are people that have had him kissing just about anyone or anything they can imagine from a gold fish to edited images of Michelle Obama; talk about scandal in the White House!

While there are a few bugs and other kinks that still need to be worked out of the system it is a solid start on an entertaining way to poke fun at the world around you. Each of the bugs or glitches found is being cataloged by the makers of the Tiger Woods Camera Android App for their next iteration of it. Some known issues are the inability to work with android flash and a few photo gallery related issues. In future iterations this will be fixed and more images of the formerly squeaky clean image bearing Tiger will be available.

The app is a free download from Diligent labs that is a 576.1 KB and on most sites that have reviewed it the mixed reviews have roughly ended up giving it a four out of five stars despite the minor issues it can have at this first release stage in its development. The Tiger Woods Camera Android app has reignited the celebrity camera app craze once again and already people are calling for even more celebrities like Shaq, Bill clinton, and Jennifer Aniston.

There are a wide variety of websites where the images taken in this manner can be shared. The most common are Twitter and Picasa followed by various e-mail programs that many individuals use. With such rapid sharing there are already people beginning to develop fansites for this sort of thing in the hopes that the trend will catch on.

Over all despite the few small glitches that can crop up with the program in this early iteration it is a well designed and humorously entertaining android app. The Tiger Woods Camera Android app has definitely earned a well deserved four out of five stars. Once the minor issues are fixed this will be a five star app in its entirety.


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