Time Magazines 2009 Top 10 List Picks Droid As Number One Gadget

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Top 10 GadgetsThe year end reviews and top 10 lists are rolling out for the Holiday's. Its not the tech magazine everyone looks to, but Time is very credible. They have been making top 10 lists for many years. They had iPhone at number 3 in 2008 and iPhone 3GS in 4th place for 09. Some of the Gadgets on their lists never go anywhere. That won't happen with the #1 Gadget in 09.

Not only did Time Magazine put 2 phones on the list for 2009, but they picked the Motorola Droid as number one Gadget for the year. That is impressive for a device launched only 5 weeks earlier.

Here's what TIME had to say "Everybody likes Android, Google's open-source smartphone operating system. But a smartphone operating system isn't all that satisfying without an actual kick-ass smartphone wrapped around it. Now Android has one: The Droid is a hefty beast, a metal behemoth without the gloss and finish of the iPhone, but you don't miss it. The Droid's touchscreen is phenomenally sharp and vivid, it has an actual physical (not great, but good enough) keyboard, and best of all, the Droid is on Verizon's best-of-breed 3G network. It's Android's first credible challenge to the iPhone. Price: $300." See full list at Time Magazine

Time quotes the price at $300 beans but we know you wouldn't pay that around here. Order it online from Verizon Wireless and skip the $100.00 rebate. Order from WireFly and get both Droid and Eris even cheaper.

All the reviews we are reading and watching have been good. We are really surprised around here. Normally when a phone or device like the Droid is launched people trash it pretty fast. We haven't seen any of the negatives we saw with some recent launches like the Storm. Which even got negative remarks on network TV.

The negatives we have heard from people is mostly about things that can be fixed easy. Camera, Bluetooth, Battery Life and a few other issues. The list of fix's in the 2.0.1 took care of some initial problems with Droid only 5 weeks after launch. When have you heard of a fix for a device being sent that fast. The answer is never from the manufacture itself. Its the users that make work around until manufacturers build them usually.

The wonders of Android will spread as most of us have seen. Once people see what these phones can do they are hooked. Another hook is so much of what you get is free. Just the turn by turn GPS is enough to sell most people. Just the fact that you can expect Android to only grow and grow with its users is a bonus.


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