Top 100 Gifts Report Shows Most Wished For Electronics on Amazon Feature Android or Chrome

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Click to download report

That's right 6 of the top 10 most wished for electronics on Amazon have Android installed. After we heard this we decided to jump into action and do a little research. Amazon is the worlds largest eCommerce site in the World and is a barometer for whats going to be the Top Gifts For Christmas 2013.
We where doing a little research for ourselves because Christmas 2013 comes early in 2013 Yea that's right and every year, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, with Black Friday coming the next day . But this year, the first of November falls on a Friday, which means that Thanksgiving (Nov 28) and Black Friday (Nov. 29) are as late as they can possibly be.
None of us here even know what to get our friends and family this year. After deliberating Christmas list I just couldn't think of what to get everyone. Most everybody we know love electronics so that's a good place to start. Instead of asking everyone on our lists what they want we thought what better place to look than a wish list database. That way we source millions of people wants and needs. What we came up with is a Top 100 Electronics Wish List for 2013 from Amazon.

With the pressure of completing our shopping lists the decision was made to create a report. After a couple hours we came up with the Top 100 gifts people have put on there wish Lists. We found 4 Tablets, 3 Online TV devices, 2 eReaders, and 1 Laptop. All but the 2 e Readers and Apple TV have Android or Chrome powering them. So its true that 6 of 10 Most Wished For Electronics on Amazon Feature Android or Chrome as Halloween approaches.

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