Trip Journal Is A Perfect Droid App For Ski Vacation Travel

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Trip Journal

We used this app on a recent trip to New Hampshire skiing. Worked great for easily logging the trip. There are two versions. A free one and paid. The free version is a bit limited, but works fine.

I tend to put non work related apps in the Best Droid Apps category. I'm sure some may find other apps more useful for work and business travel.

Trip Journal is an app dedicated to logging your vacation and the experiences you had on them. You can store them and share them with your friends to allow them the full blow-by-blow coverage of everything you did while away.

With Trip journal, an android app, you can track you travel route, take your photos and notes to attach them to specific trip files, and record your individual waypoints along the way. You can further visualize this previously recorded information and even follow yourself from your specific position en-route via real time on Google Maps.

I have been going to Colorado a lot after purchasing the Epic Pass. Vacation and weather apps come in handy when your on the road. Consider using this travel site on your next Vail Ski Vacation

Trip Journal allows the mobile device owner to send real time updates from the places they are visiting. These journal entries can be sent via well designed KMZ files that can also be viewed via Google Earth. Further you can export vacation or other trip photos to an album you create on Picasa Web.

The features of this Android app are as follows:

* Track your travel route

* Record way points

* Take your photos, notes, and statistics then attach them to a trip file

* Uses Google Maps to follow your progress and allows for the exporting of KMZ files to Picasa, Flickr, and even Facebook.

This travel app is the perfect thing for long trips, or simply keeping information about your vacations. A picture of that nice guy or girl someone met on their road trip can easily be combined with a short information screen, with such information as name, number, and anything else of interest.

Please lets us know what you think of this Droid Application or any other Android App you use while traveling!


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