UN-Boxing The Motorola Droid Cell Phone Video and Reviews

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So I'm cheap and waited for my Droid to be delivered. When you order the Droid on the Verizon Wireless Website they waive all kinds of fee's. The rebate becomes instant and they waive the activation fee too. Verizon will also Free Overnight Shipping of the Droid to your front door. Good deal if you can wait a couple days. They only do it during the week I believe. Instant Phone Rebate Only Available with Online Purchase. The links worked for us midnight Friday Nov 6,2009, but last we looked it wasn't up front on the Verizon Website

This is just a quick Droid Phone Review for now. We have lots of information to digest and video's to make.
I absolutely love the Droid Cell Phone! As far as function and capabilities the Droid is hands down the best I have seen in some time.
Like any new piece of technology it has a learning curve. Not bad though. I'm more of a developer and don't do texting, but I found the Android Keyboard easy after a few tweets. I particularly like the virtual keyboards.

As far as the connection and page load speed the Droid blows all other phones away including the iPhone. Where I live anyway. Once I was use to the menu and controls I found myself whipping through pages and navigating very easily.

One thing that really stands out is the capabilities of The Droid Cell Phone. Just in maps a user can tap on a location and the full power of Google is behind them. There are just to many function to go over the first day of having this powerful tool.

In short The droid can definitely benefit any user. It is easy to use and leverages the power of Google which is very impressive.

Enjoy the UN-Boxing and stay tunes for a series of how to use The Droid Videos. We will also be reviewing the top Droid Phone Applications and capabilities.


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