Verizon Begins Selling Droid Phones At Midnight Nov. 6

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Robots Building The DroidThe countdown has been on for over a week now. The hype has been building and now its here. Or should we they are here. The Droid Adroid 2.0's. A robot ?. No it's the Droid By Motorola and the HTC Eris

The Newest Smartphones for Verizon and a partnership between communication experts that intend to build a powerful network. With Verizon basically giving Google and Manufacturers a open source for development of there wireless network and more they are setting a new trend. That's openness.

Verizon has been picked by consumer reports readers as The Best Wireless Network in January's issue of consumer Reports. CR readers rated 23 metropolitan service areas through reader polls and Verizon scored best of the best of 20 out of 23 cities.

Combining Verizon, Google, Motorola, HTC and maybe you next the Android Open Source Project will thrive DROID-HAS-DROPPED320X320and so will it's users.This is a huge leap forward in technology with companies and individuals being able to customize there own applications and networks in the Google Cloud is revolutionary. Amateurs have built apps for there friends and went on the have them in the Android App Store. By the way most of which are free.

The Verizon Wire website has been taken over by robots building droids. The site wasn't working so good the night of release. Now we know why. Robots where taking over and building a interactive community. Completely updating the Droid Does pages with demos and easy navigation.


Fascinated by Android and Droid Phones

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