Verizon Droid Commercial Zeros In On Layer App For Android

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Android has the best interactive Navigation Apps. Whether your using the Google Navigation or the Maps App user can implement layering. The development team has been hard at work adding to Maps. Recently they added cycling and biking updates and the walking function works great.
We have found that when we are in a City or the mountains skiing finding places is easy with layering. Simply bring up your location and tap on which ever type of place you are looking for. Then the map will update with the known places.

The Layar Reality Browser shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of the real world as seen through the camera of your mobile phone. This technology is called Augmented Reality. We augment the real world as seen through your mobile phone, based on your location.

How does Layar’s Augmented Reality work?
The idea is simple: Layar works by using a combination of the mobile phone’s camera, compass and GPS data to identify the user’s location and field of view, retrieve data based on those geographical coordinates, and overlay that data over the camera view.


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