Verizon Droid Launch And Guided Tour On Drop Day

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Verizon has really put out on Droid Launch day. Not only have we seen Stealth Fighter dropping Droids across America we have seen some great Video Tutorials and Demo's of the Droid By Motorola and The HTC Eris Droid Phone.
HTC Droid Eris Video Demo
Motorola Droid Video Demo
Now as Droid, Verizon, Motorola, and HTC move forward let the build begin. Well if your not into building apps and just want to have a super phone, Droid has tons of free and paid applications.
And of course Droid Smartphones have Google Maps. Not only maps, but turn by turn voice with built in GPS. All for free. Yes free this is the best part about droid. Well just one. The ability to access the most powerful database in the universe. Google that's right these phones allow users to leverage the power of Google and all its developer assets.
We are still in Wow mode around here. Check out the great video from Verizon. One of many more to come.


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