Verizon LG Ally Commercial Hits Air Waves As Iron Man 2 Phone

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Droid is appearing in the movies now. During the first weekend in May 2010 Iran Man 2 The Movie started marketing with this video on TVs across America. Its a very cool trailer and whats more important is it introduces the World To The LG Ally.
The Iron Man franchise is almost cult like. It started with a comic then Iron Man 1 and now it will be tied in with Droid. The Iron Man Saga has produced video games and now Iron Man 2.

In December 2010 we where looking for LG Android Phones To Watch For In North America, GW620 and GW880 , but we like The LG Ally even better.

On the Android Central Page They say " We have confirmed that in fact it's Android 2.1 with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 5MP camera, with all the usual bells and whistles. We've heard a mid-May launch window, but that's still up in the air."
We haven't seen any highend LG Phones In North America with the exception of The LG Dare and LG Voyager The Voyager was the first supposed iPhone Killer back in the day. Its still a good phone along with the Dare.

After exploring further we where unable to find confirmation of specs from LG or Verizon. Not sure if The Ally will take on the DROID name like Incredible, but it would fit.

April 1, 2010 the LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A, Inc. was named the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Mobile Phones” by J.D. Power and Associates for the third consecutive time. Featured in the biannual J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Wireless Traditional Mobile Phone Satisfaction StudySM -- Volume 1, LG was recognized as the highest ranked overall and ranked highest in every category among traditional mobile phone manufacturers.

LG has been working with Verizon Wireless for years and will likely make the LG Ally Android Phone a Big Deal and have some Droid Deals to go with the release date.


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