Verizon Makes It Easier For Developers To Monitize With MS Bing

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A surprising move for some people that Verizon would say Bing is preferred provider for anything. Its not really though. The company has had Bing in commercials and stock on some phones for some time now. The relationship between Google and all the carriers seems to be "We Go With The Best" deal. Verizon thinks this is the way to help developers best for now. The Advertising Development Center, which will be available through the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) portal, will provide developers a portfolio of options, information, services and tools to help them make the most informed decisions about advertising solutions. Custom software development kits (SDKs) and other tools will be available to developers as they create innovative applications for Verizon Wireless’ mobile storefront, V CAST Apps. “Providing advertising tools that allow developers simple ways to add value and monetize their applications fits seamlessly with the overall mission of the Verizon Developer Community,” said Richard Williams, executive director, digital media for Verizon Wireless. Initially, two solutions will be available in the VDC to address the needs of a wide variety of developers and applications: Microsoft is the preferred provider of mobile advertising and search for Verizon Wireless’ owned and operated services and will partner with Verizon Wireless to foster success in the marketplace for its developer community. The SDK for Bing™, Microsoft’s decision engine, will be made available and provide developers the tools and resources to embed a customizable, powerful search engine into websites and applications. Ad Marvel is a leading mobile advertising solutions provider that enables publishers to easily source, track and optimize advertising from virtually any ad network or direct sourced ad inventory. Developers who choose this solution will be able to access reporting and analytics and gain control over advertising inventory and campaign management through an online dashboard. In addition, Ad Marvel will provide developers with a free analytics SDK to gauge application performance and assist developers to optimize their application for usage and monetization. Source Verizon Wireless


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