Verizon Not Married To Google, But Still Best Friends

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In the beginning of April 2010 many wireless users heard rumblings of a new phone coming to Verizon Wireless. Most assumed what they where hearing about was The Nexus One coming to the network. We even saw leaked emails and inside report from so called employees. Turned out that Verizon was launching KIN Windows based phones.
The way Google and Verizon have been seen together people would think they connected at the hip. We know that this is not the case though. We witnessed this recently with the Nexus One Verizon Phone. Dropped like a rock the N1 was. Just shows how fickle this almost infant like industry is.
Verizon has moved to promoting Microsoft's Bing. The commercials started slowly rolling out in April 2010 for Bing. Clearly The carrier is trying to attract those who use Microsoft Web Products.
We can't see Verizon and Google not being best friends into the future. These two companies have performed for each other. VZW has done a great job advertising The Droid and Google Android has continued to improve at break neck speed. They may not be married, but are surely going to be best friends for many years to come.


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