Verizon Sends Out Droid Does T Shirts To Users

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Droid EyeballBy far this is the coolest thing a telephone company has done to promote a new product. Have you ever received a free T Shirt from your provider. We haven't.
Does Verizon know we are about to release our 30 day review? Is this bribery?
30 days after the release of The Droid Smartphone Droid Dropped on our door step. At first I couldnt remember if I signed up for something and forgot or what. Anyway there it was a package on my front step with the red Android Eyeball starring back at me. Humm I'm thinking now. Invasion from space? If I pick it up will it snatch my body? LOL.

Droid T Shirt FrontBack of Droid T Shirt

I think everyone like free stuff. This was a huge surprise that made our days. Thank you Verizon.


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