Verizon Wireless Price Drop Lets You Update To Droid Maxx, Droid Mini or Droid Ultra For Zero Down

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Verizon Droid Phone Sale

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Verizon Wireless just recently announced the price drop on the Newest Droid Phones. Update To Droid Maxx, Droid Mini or Droid Ultra For Zero Down and as low as $16.81 a month. So if you want Newest Droid Phone and do want to sign a new contract now's the time to pull the trigger on Verizon Edge. See The New Droid Phones on Sale Here

If you are due for a new 2 year contract then you can get a DROID MAXX by MOTOROLA for $199.00 a DROID ULTRA by MOTOROLA for $199.00 or
. That's a great deal on all 3 Android Phones

The Smartphone wars have heated up recently with Samsung taking the lead. Don't leave Motorola on the back burner though. Motorola is making a big push back to the being the Best Android Phone.

Motorola Mobility is now owned by Google and building phones in America. Like the Moto X in Texas. This makes the Google Phone AKA Droid and The Moto X the only Smartphones that Google actually makes itself.

The big 3 players in Android Phones are HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Only Motorola Droid Phones have stood the test of time like no other Mobile Phone. You might say they were the first to come and will be the last go at this party.

Verizon's price drop on the Droids hasn't been extended to the Moto x and likely won't be due to its overwhelming popularity. An option is to Buy a Unlocked Moto X From This way you get the Android Phone you want without a contract.



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