Verizon’s 2nd Annual Application Development Contest 2010

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All the carriers have begun or have native applications and sites to get them. Verizon was one the first to offer smartphone application. VZ Navigator and VCast TV are just two examples that launched for phone like the LG Voyager and Dare a couple years back.

Verizon's partnership with Google, Motorola and HTC has given the company a opportunity to serge forward in the app market. They have a great infrastructure to build upon and LTE Developers Tools are now available.

Verizon embraced developers in Las Vegas the on September 21 and 22. The days where file with speakers and presentation. Opportunities tied to the forthcoming 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. Technical, marketing and network information was addressed by Verizon Wireless leaders and other partners.

Check Out Verizon Developers Conference 2010 Highlight Video

We surveyed Verizon Wireless customers to determine what they wanted in Apps and to uncover the biggest opportunity for App developers. Now is your chance to give the people what they want and take home rewards for yourself! Create the right application for Verizon's VDC Power Your App contest and push your App forward within the Verizon Developer Community. The contest begins in mid-October. We'll judge qualifying applications throughout the month of January, with final Apps being judged by our own Verizon customers. The winning App will be announced in early February so that the winner can join the VDC at Mobile World Congress. More details on the "Power Your App" contest will be published on the VDC portal, shortly.


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