Video Of American Made Moto X Winning Drop Test Among iPhone 5C 5S and Galaxy S4

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According to the obvious results of the video drop test done by phone insurer Square Trade the Moto X Android is most durable.

Square Trade drops, dunks and slides the mobile devices. The combination of all these tests will determine a smartphone's or tablets' Breakability Score.

Moto X was first then came iPhone 5c, 5S and sadly the Galaxy S4.

As a Galaxy S3 and S4 owner all is not lost. I dropped my Galaxy S3 last years and it was smashed. The screen didn't break but the camera did and the phone woulnt keep a strong signal. I sent it to Samsung in Texas and they sent it back free of charge. I now have Otter Box cases. I seen a salesman at Radio Shack throw his S3 across the room and it survived. I was sold.

Face it everyone. The Verizon Droid Phones have out performed and outlasted all the other devices.



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