Vodafone Begins Pre Order For HTC Desire HD Android Phone

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HTC Desire HD Android PhoneVodafone has begun pre ordering for the anticipated HTC Desire HD. Weve been hearing about this phone arriving in the UK for some time. Looks as though the wait is over HD Phone fans.

Each week as Christmas 2010 approaches Android Phones launch. In the first week of October alone we have seen 7 new Motorola Phones the Xperia X8 HTC and the MyTouch Slide HD.

The powerful 1GHz processor inside the HTC Desire HD means you've got speed on your side when browsing sites, playing games or watching videos. The processor makes the Desire HD faster than similar HTC Android phones like the HTC Legend or HTC Wildfire. It also lets you multi-task without things slowing down.

Pre-order HTC Desire HD today to receive yours first - expected 14 October

Vodafone Deal includes:
£35 per month
900 minutes
Unlimited texts
750 MB


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