Vodafone Begins Pre Order for HTC Wildfire

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We haven't heard much about the HTC Wildfire Android phone, but its here. Well sort of. Vodafone has announced that they have started taking pre orders for Wildfire.
Pre-order today to receive yours first - expected 15th June. The HTC Wildfire makes it easy to keep up with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Friend Stream shows all three on one screen – so you can poke, update, tweet and post photos without darting between your favourite sites.

Love apps? The Wildfire lets you explore, enjoy and share over 30,000 of them in Android Market. Find apps for news, weather, sport and fun – and check out new ones added every day.

Hunting for funny texts or that chat you had with a mate is a thing of the past with the HTC Wildfire. It organises contacts so everything you’ve received from each of them is in one place. It even tells you when friends’ birthdays are coming up.

The HTC Wildfire is made for social networking

It’s a pain switching and back and forward between the social networking sites you love. But with the HTC Wildfire, you don’t have to. A clever widget called Friend Stream puts Facebook, Twitter and Flickr together on one screen – making it easy to stay in touch with friends and family.

Takes caller ID to the next level

You don’t just get a name, number and photo when a mate calls. Your HTC Wildfire also gives you their latest Facebook status – and tells you when it’s their birthday.

Explore apps on the HTC Wildfire

Because your HTC Wildfire is powered by Android, you can dive into a world of over 30,000 apps in Android Market. There’s loads of great stuff to explore – whether you need an app to give the latest footie scores or one to tell you the local weather forecast. And the best news? More fun apps are added every day.

HTC News app

Stay in the loop the easy way with the HTC News app. It brings you the latest from your favourite blogs and sites – so you don’t have to go searching for it.

Contacts are simpler on your HTC Wildfire

Looking for that IM chat you had with a friend recently? Or their updates or texts? Just find their photo on your HTC Wildfire – it’ll all be there in one place. It’s the easiest way to keep up with what’s going on in your world.

Web browsing is easier too

The HTC Wildfire supports Flash – so you’ll see sites the way they’re meant to be. Zoom in and out of web pages by pinching your HTC Wildfire’s touchscreen. And with a one-touch dictionary and Wikipedia look-up tool, browsing just gets simpler – and better

Check back soon for a review of the HTC Wildfire and Click On HTC Wildfire On Vodafone for full details.


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