Vodafone Begins Pre Order For Samsung Galaxy S 16GB Android Phone

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Expect to see Android Powered Phones launching almost daily. Though The USA has had its share of the best Droids the UK has seen some of the unique ones. The Cell Phone Carrier Is shooting for a June 15 2010 shipping date for users who pre order now. This is exclusive to Vodafone with 16GB internal memory

The Android OS Powered Samsung Galaxy S lets users dive into a world of apps - over 30,000 of them. It also gives users the power to shoot full HD video and photos with its 5 megapixel camera. And if you love being online but hate the wait, the speed of your Galaxy S will impress.

Users also will be impressed by the huge 4" screen. It brings video clips and web pages vividly to life. And even with its big touchscreen, your Samsung Galaxy S slips into your pocket with ease.

Do you need room for music, photos, videos and more? There's 16GB of space built in. Pop in a microSD card, and you can add up to 16GB more.

Explore apps for Android

See your world any way you want with layering within apps.
Layers are user friendly apps that shows off the world around you in a new way. Download the layering app for free, then point the camera on your Galaxy S at a location. Users see information about where to find good bars, and restaurants or where your friends just sent their tweets from.

Great for connections Apps:
Europe is known for their train service, so take advantage of it. Do you need to find train times without searching a website? The Trainline app gives riders all the latest info. Or maybe you need to stay connected to your Facebook friends - there's an connection app for that too.

Android Market Ready:
The online Android Market has grown to over over 30,000 amazing apps. Choose the ones that are right for you. Whether that's an app to give you the local weather or one that brings you the latest FiFa World Cup results.

Get ready for HD Kids:
Shoot in high definition. Direct your own HD video clips - then enjoy your movies in amazing quality on the large 4" AMOLED screen. Or use the 5 megapixel auto-focus camera to take incredibly clear photos.

Hook it up to your TV:
Want friends and family to see your high definition handiwork? Just plug your Samsung Galaxy S into your TV and share your directing skills with everyone.

The Galaxy has room for hours of video:
With 16GB of storage built in to your Samsung Galaxy S, there's loads of room for your home movies - and your photos, music and files. Need more space? Add up to another 16GB with a microSD card.

The web gets only faster and faster every day. Fly through websites when you're in a 3G area, users can hit some pretty impressive speeds. Because the Galaxy S is not only built for fast internet access, but also has a 1GHz processor inside - it's the quickest you can get on a phone.

Open lots of windows at once with Galaxy S:
Here's a breath of fresh air - you can open lots of web browser windows at once on your Samsung Galaxy S. That'll help you get to the things you want without waiting around.

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